Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Grotto Upper Level Gardens

On Sunday, June 26, I went to the Upper Level Gardens of The Grotto in Portland, Oregon. I traveled up an elavator that took me 110 feet high. This garden has many award-winning flowers. The Grotto has 62 acres of garden. It is a holy place and has many saints' statues. You cannot see it from the ground. It has over 1,000 plants and is home to the Pacific Banana Slug, the world's biggest slug.

This is what is in bloom in June:
  • Vinca Minor, Iris, Impatiens, Marguerite, Rose Campion, Foxglove, Dicentra, and Lilies
  • Rhododendron, Spirea, Lilac and Roses

The fountain in the middle of the Upper Gardens.

Rose in the rose garden.

A nice view.

St. Francis.

Some flowers.


A robin eating worms in the garden.

A yellow rose.

Part of the rose garden.

Roses that are white.

Another rose.

Pink rose.

Me in the Grotto's labyrinth.

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