Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Does the Environment Affect Living Things?

September 18, 2011
This experiment shows how light affects earthworms.

The box with half of lid.

The 10 worms for the experiment.

There were placed in the middle.

and statted to move around frantcly.

1 minute left the started to find the darkness.

They are mostly in the dark.


1. What did the worms do at the beginning of the experiment?
Moved around frantkly.

2. How much time did the worms spend in the lighted part of the box?
about 4 mins

In the shaded part of the box?
47 secs.

3. What nonliving environmental factor does the lamp represent?
The sun of corse!


These earthworms (from my garden) showed a negetiv phototritropic response to the light.

The earthworms react this way to light because they are not made to live in the sun and they spend all there life in the earht.

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