Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biodegradable Packing Materials -- Part 3

Three days later I completed the experiment.

Pouring the dirt out.

Looking at it.

There it is!!! the newpaper.

Thre is the penut.

This is the non exesting popcorn.

PoP POP pop POp POp POP pop, You gused right!! It's bubble rap!


1. The packing materials that showed signs of decomposition were Popcorn and Newspaper.

2. I think the
Popcorn and Newspaper. were biodegradable. The Styrofoam Peanuts and the Bubble rap were nonbiodegradable.

3. The differences between the materials that are biodegradable and the ones that are nonbiodegradable are: The biodegradable ones are papery substance like natural type; the
nonbiodegradable are a plasticity substance.


Based on the results of this experiment, I say that papery packing materials are biodegradable and would create less solid waste. Other kinds of biodegradable packing materials that would protect fragile items during transport are: cloths, paper, stuffing, leaves, stuffed anamalis.

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