Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nature Study Activity -- Conclusions

I observed two study area -- an undeveloped urban plot and a cottonwood grove. I made three visits to each area: one in mid summer, one in late summer, and one in early fall.

I saw more non-plant species, in early fall.

Some observations I made are: That early fall had more wilide life but the plants were all dieing for the wier.

The environmental conditions affected my observations Because the sessions were changing every time i went back.

Nature Study Report

I went to two plases to observe the Wilde life and nature for 1 holf houre for 3 times, kinda 3 seasions. The first place was the gaurden plot. The place wa a empty garden plot that no one used. It was full of plants that people planted a long time ago that came back over the years and weeds that come every season. Dureing the time I was there it was dry, dryer, and wet. It became no much plants because they all died and it looked flat.

The coton wood grove was in a dog park neer our house. It was a grove of cotton wood treed forming a circle of trees with really hard packed dire in the middle. This place was a favoir of spiders it looked like. There were lots of sspider webs, round ones, air ones, ground one, and spiders that did not live in webs. The grove was very dry due to that the trees did not let in much rain bt seemed to let in a lot of hot sunn light.

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