Thursday, October 6, 2011

Environmental Impact Assessment Project -- Part 1

Environmental Impact Assessment : In this activity I will identify the items that would need to be included in an environmental impact statement for an imaginary construction project.

Step 1.
My proposed project is a Community Garden.
The vacant lot where the Community Garden will be constructed is approximately 100 feet wide by 200 feet deep. The Kenton neighborhood in North Portland will benefit from this project because familys can bond together with a great garden.

Step 2.
a. Types of animal and plant life at this site: Spiders, squrls, birds

b. Type of ecosystem: dry forest place,

c. Has it been disturbed before? maby in the far past.

d. Is it a habitat for an endangered or threatened species? Don't think so.

e. Does it slope? Yes.
Would the soil be in danger of erosion during construction? Yes.

f. Are there streams or wetlands such as swamps at the site? No.

g. Is there reason to believe important fossils or artifacts are at the site? No.

h. Are there activities on lands next to the site? Yes. Manufacting on one side, houses on the other side.

Here are photos of the site:

View looking up the slope to the south.

View looking down the slope to the north.

Some bushes and trees on the plot that will need to be removed.

manufacters to the east.

Houses to the west.

trafck to the north.

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